37 Years of Service to the food industry

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Retail Execution Serving Customers from Maine to Virginia - 37 Years of Service

Our natural team at Action Sales and Maketing calls on retailers and actually writes orders and places new items like the grocery business used to be. Our sales team lives in each of the market places they are responsible for. Action Sales is very proud of the retail sales force prides themselves of the veteran retail sales group that we employ.

Retailer Managed Needs - Retail Execution

A managed resource which will ideally be applied against the retailer's greatest needs.
Dedicated retail continuity teams and dedicated retail merchandising teams
Full retail item participation in industry
Fast new item execution - speed to shelf
Focused dedication to plan-o-gram compliance
Merchandising at store level
Effective complete ongoing brand training
Expert elimination of retail voids
Execution of all promotional programs
Valuable, long standing relationships with all key regional buyers
Proven track record


Work with existing broker to transition current business
Schedule meetings with our Business Managers
Kick off meeting with Retail Team
Schedule meetings with Retailers and Distributor's to review existing business
Build and Maintain Sales in our Market as your new Sales Team

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